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Allen & Heath XONE:92 DJ Mixer

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The Allen & Heath XONE:92 presents a unique combination of performance tools for the professional DJ in a stylish and solidly built club format. Above all, it features audio fidelity second to none. XONE:92 was specifically designed and constructed using the same rigorous standards we apply to our large format professional consoles used and respected by top engineers throughout the world.

XONE:92 provides 6 dual stereo channels, two offering microphone inputs, adding up to a massive 10 stereo and 2 microphone inputs. A full range of connectors means that you can connect up to 4 turntables, 2 mics, CD players, MD players, drum machines, samplers, and pretty much anything else you might want to bring into the mix.

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) allows featured front panel controls to transmit MIDI data to enable remote control of external effects, samplers, sequencers etc. Tap Tempo related MIDI clocks are also transmitted to provide synchronisation of MIDI sound modules to pre-recorded sources playing through the mixer.

4 BAND EQ controls rather than the usual 3 for greater creativity. Each band has a safe +6dB boost. The HI and LO bands have infinite attenuation (total kill) with a sharp 12dB/oct roll-off and the MID bands have a massive -30dB of cut, enough to shape your sound well beyond normal EQ range, and without overloading your system.

Stereo channels use high quality twin rail linear or rotary VCA faders. These control the audio using DC voltages meaning that they can take a huge amount of punishment without the bangs and crackles that inevitably creep in on regular audio faders. The high spec Penny & Giles VCA crossfader is easily removable from the top panel for quick replacement should it become worn.

The curve can be swept between dipped response, perfect for seamless beat mixing, and fast-attack, suitable for scratch or cut mixing. Unique to XONE:, two stereo state variable Voltage Controlled Filters provide the DJ with a new level of live performance creativity. These are very similar to those found on classic analogue synths but benefit from modern, quiet and stable technology. Use these to sweep the sound by accentuating or cutting frequencies from 30Hz to 20kHz. The 3 filter types HPF, BPF and LPF can be combined to create many more amazing effects. Low Frequency Oscillator controls enable cyclic LFO changes to be applied to each filter. A large Resonance control changes the ‘Q" or sharpness of the filter effect from subtle to extreme. Each VCF has its own ‘ON" switch.

Combined with the extensive output and monitoring features, colour coded indicators, stylish layout and clear graphics visible in all lighting situations, you have an unbeatable performance console equally at home in dance clubs, home set-ups, live venues, and on the road.

- 6 Stereo Channels (4 phone or line, 2 mono/mic or stereo return)

- 2 Auxilliary sends selectable pre/post fader (and crossfader)

- New twin-rail VCA channel faders or high quality VCA rotary faders

- 2 independent stereo mix outputs

- 2 x independent Low Frequency Oscillators (LFO) for filter modulation

- Spare knobs included

- Custom illumination showing status of all performance switches

- Dedicated booth output

- Extensive channel, output and cue metering

- Monitor section - has post EQ switch; split cue and mix to cue balance

- 2 x headphone outputs 1/4" and 3.5 mm jacks

- Talkover facility on mono/mic channel attentuates music by 20dB

- Dedicated clean feed record output

- Universal power supply for worldwide performance

- Internal installer options for system optimization

- Plinth or 19" rack mount ears included

- MIDI output from VCF 1+2, crossfader, LFO (MIDI clock), dedicated data control and start/stop button

- 2 VCF filters - any performance channel can be assigned to either filter or either side of the crossfader

- 4 band EQ - high definition of frequency bands, with infinite kill on HF and LF: wide Q for cut, narrow Q for boost.

- Active crossfader allowing contour to be set from smooth to scratch mix

...Spare knobs included

...and of course, the legendary A&H sound and build quality

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Allen & Heath warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.