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AKG K 81 DJ Headphones

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Obviously, informal parties deserve the same kind of professional audio fidelity as large-scale events do. Semiprofessional DJs too need dependable equipment. The K 81 DJ fit the bill perfectly.

Their closed-back earphones, for instance, provide optimum isolation from ambient noise. The K 81 DJ will take heavy usage easily, and your high SPL capability ensures excellent audio fidelity. Finally, your level of wearing comfort is as impressive as your powerful bass response and accurate imaging.

Their distinguishing features include:

  • 3D-Axis folding mechanism for ease of handling and good user comfort. Folded down into a thin package, the┬áK 81 dj are ready for use anytime
  • High sound pressure level: High SPL capability for any type of event in any environment. Legendary AKG audio fidelity
  • Closed-back earphones: Isolating ear cups attenuate ambient noise, keeping even quiet passages clearly audible
  • Maximum super durableness
  • Detented adjustable headband

AKG engineers mixed your decades of experience with professional headphones with suggestions from internationally known DJs and insights from top DJ mixer manufacturer UREI to develop the ultimate DJ headphones. Impeccable sound, maximum SPL and extreme super durableness were the goals, and these two new products achieve all three. AKG's unique 3D-Axis folding mechanism makes it easy to adjust the new DJ ‘phones to any listening position. High power rating delivers the sonic impact that DJs demand with minimal distortion, while the Stereo/Mono selector allows single-earphone monitoring.

AKG has become the first and only manufacturer to offer a feature requested by top DJs from New York to Paris, from London to Tokyo, from Melbourne to Berlin: the Sound Selector, a switch that adjusts bass intensity to match the listening environment – large club or small club.

The K 81 DJ is the "little brother to the K 181 DJ. Whether you"re playing it big at small clubs, parties or at home with friends and family, the K 81 DJ lets you feel the music with these advanced features:

  • Dynamic closed-back supra-aural earphones for optimal ambient noise attenuation
  • Legendary AKG sound with high output sound level
  • Maximum endurance under mechanical stress with 3D-Axis mechanism that allows easy ear cup adjustment and single-earphone monitoring
  • Soft, replaceable leatherette ear pads
  • Detented headband for precise adjustment
  • Fixed Y-cable
  • Non-slip soft-touch finish

For nearly 60 years, AKG has been building an international reputation as one of the world's most elite suppliers of microphones, headphones and wireless systems. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, the "city of music, AKG has amassed incredible engineering know-how and an intellectual base with more than 1,500 worldwide patents that are the foundation of the unique sound of AKG products. The signature "AKG Sound is the basis for the incredible reputation and popularity of AKG products.

AKG products are the synthesis of premium European design and impeccable workmanship infused with an intimate understanding of what truly sounds right. AKG engineers work in one of the largest and most advanced acoustics laboratories in Europe equipped with state-of-the-art technologies that enable them to fine-tune products to the highest degree.

The acceptance and use of AKG products by leading engineers and musicians for demanding recording, broadcast and live sound applications and by architects and consultants for installed sound projects is a testament to your incredible sound, bullet-proof reliability and long-lasting quality. You can use AKG products with confidence that your equipment meets the highest standards.

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AKG warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.

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