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Akai APC40 Ableton Controller

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Akai worked directly with software developer Ableton to design the Akai APC40 the optimal Ableton Live software controller. The APC40 is designed to be a completely intuitive software controller for electronic music artists, DJs, hip-hop producers and traditional musicians using Ableton Live on stage and in the studio. Because Akai and Ableton designed the APC40 to be used with the Ableton Live software, you don't need to map any controls, it's perfectly functional right out of the box. Advanced Ableton Live you will appreciate that the APC40 enables them to remap every single control to suit your own style.

The Akai APC40 communicates bi-directionally with Live, enabling the controller to display information from the software on its clip matrix of 40 triggers and on LED rings surrounding each knob. The clip matrix provides performers an instant view of clip status: what is loaded, what is playing and what is being recorded.

The Akai APC40 has two sets of eight knobs: one for Track parameters such as pans and bus sends, and the other for instrument and effect parameters. The second bank of eight knobs is dynamically re-assigned to the track selected by the user. This unique capability enables performers to control at least eight track parameters per track – a total of 72 – using the same eight knobs and the nine track-selection buttons. Channel faders, bus faders and a crossfader enable smooth control of key values.

"The APC40 enables performers to spend less time looking at a computer screen, using a mouse and keyboard, said Adam Cohen, Director of Business Development, Akai. "It is a professional-grade sofware controller with truly unique capabilities.

Ableton Live performance, perfected.

The APC40 is the world's finest Ableton Live software controller. Ableton and Akai worked in a joint partnership to make the APC40 the perfect Ableton Live software controller. Whether you are an electronic-music performance artist and Live is your canvas, a DJ using Live to mix tracks, or a traditional musician using Live on stage or in the studio, the APC40 is designed for intuitive, powerful control.

Because Akai and Ableton designed the APC40 for Live, you don't need to map its controls to talk to the software. Just connect your laptop to the APC40 with its USB cable and you're ready to make magic. The Akai APC40 is class compliant, so you don't even need to install drivers. And if you"re an advanced Live user, the APC40 gives you the ability to remap every one of its controls to suit your own style.

The APC40 talks directly to Live and Live talks directly to the APC40. This exclusive bidirectional communication makes the APC40 an advanced controller in that it can receive feedback from the software and display it on its clip matrix of 40 triggers and on LED rings surrounding each knob. The clip matrix gives you an instant view of clip status: what's loaded, what's playing, and what's being recorded. Each state displays on the matrix in a different color so you can get a quick picture of clip state. You can shift your clip focus and get an overview of the clips you have loaded for your set. The APC40 has 16 knobs, each surrounded by a ring of LEDs. These LED rings make seeing your settings a breeze on dark stages, indicating the currently selected parameters" values. This advanced visual feedback makes performing with the APC40 focused more on the music and less on squinting at the computer screen. In fact, you might even forget that the computer is there!

Ableton selected Akai as a partner because of its leadership position in great-feeling controllers that are rock solid, super durable, and precise. From the legendary MPC series that changed the way music is made to the industry-standard MPD and MPK controllers, Akai is revered by musicians, DJs, and producers everywhere for creating the feel that powers your creativity. The APC40 is built with a super durable, metal chassis and slip-proof rubber detailing. Knobs and faders are solid and precise for pinpoint performance. It even features a high quality, replaceable crossfader.

The APC40 comes with a special edition of Ableton Live Lite so you can use it out of the box even if you"re new to Live. There's also a free patch that upgrades full versions of Live so if you're already a Live user, you can take full advantage of the APC40.

The APC40 has two banks of eight knobs. The first set controls Global parameters so you"ll always have instant access to your main sends, pans, and other essentials. The second bank of eight knobs is dynamically reassigned to the Track you select. You can control eight track parameters at a time, and as you switch channels, the Track knobs follow your focus. You also get special clip-status views and feedback that only the APC40's matrix can display. The matrix is not limited to only 40 clips: you can scroll and shift, enabling access to an unlimited number of cells.

The APC40 has a wide range of controls. The eight Global knobs can access four banks of controls; the eight Track knobs control nine different track parameters each. This gives you a massive total of 72 controllers that are dynamically reassigned. Channel faders, bus faders, and a crossfader give you smooth control of key values. You have even more control power with special controls including Tap Tempo, Tempo Nudge, record enables, solo/cues and two assignable footswitch inputs.

  • Designed in partnership with Ableton
  • Unique clip matrix with multicolor lighting displays current clip status
  • No mapping required to be used with Ableton Live
  • Exclusive bidirectional communication between the APC40 and Ableton Live
  • Professional feel with super durable, metal chassis and premium controls
  • Comes with Ableton Live Akai APC Edition, free upgrade patch for full versions of Live
  • USB plug-and-play connection for Mac and PC
  • Premium controller with super durable, metal chassis


  • APC40 Ableton Live controller
  • USB Cable
  • Power Supply
  • Software CD
  • User Manual


AKAI Professional warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.