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Acesonic HX-2001 KEVIC HDMI A/V Karaoke Mixer w/ Key Control

Acesonic HX-2001 HDMI A/V Karaoke Mixer w/ Key Control

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The Acesonic Kevic HX-2001 is an HDMI Karaoke Audio Mixer with Key Control. Plug in any HDMI source and you'll be able to take advantage of the mixers settings and output it to your HDMI receiver or TV. Two microphone inputs with individual volume control are available. Acesonic Kevic HX-2001 allows you to balance each singer or speakers level if one is louder than the other. You'll be able to adjust key control and echo, repeat, and delay as well. In addition to HDMI output, you'll have RCA audio outputs as well.

Acesonic HX-2001 Features:

  • Two 1/4" Microphone Inputs
  • Individual Microphone Volume Control
  • Key Control -6 to +6
  • Master Volume Control
  • Echo Send Control
  • Repeat
  • Delay
  • HDMI Input and Output
  • RCA Audio Output

Acesonic HX-2001 Specifications:

  • DVI 1.0 Format
  • HDMI 1.4a Support
  • HDCP 1.3 Support
  • 16Bit Deep Color Video
  • Power Consumption: Less Than 10Watts
  • HDMI Wide Frequency Range: 25MHz ~ 225MHz
  • HDMI Jack: HDMI Type A
  • Mic Output Frequency Response: 30Hz - 18KHz (+1,-3dB)
  • Mic Input Sensitivity: -50dBu @ 0dB Output 1KHz
  • Mic Audio THD: 0.05% @1KHz, "A" weight filter
  • HDMI Audio Frequency Response (+3,-3dB): 20Hz - 20KHz @ pitch "0" Step
  • Rated Power: DC 5V, 1A
  • Weight:
    • 0.6kg
    • 1.33lbs
  • Dimension (W x H x D):
    • 175mm x 46mm x 127mm
    • 6.9" x 1.8" x 5" (approximate)
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Acesonic warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Warranty Repairs is 888-976-7464

Warranty Returns are strictly for repairs and not refunds, exchanges, upgrades. Any unit under warranty that is deemed non-repairable will be replaced with a new unit of the same model.