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Acesonic AM-860 600 Watt Karaoke Mixing Amplifier

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The Acesonic AM-860 Professional DSP Karaoke Mixing Amplifier is one of the world's most powerful digital karaoke mixing you will ever find in the market. The Acesonic AM-860 DSP Karaoke Mixing Amplifier is a powerful digital mixing amplifier that is perfect for your karaoke needs. This mixer is packed with 600 watts and loaded features that will satisfy your need for power and functionality.

Acesonic AM-860 Amplifier Features:

  • Feedback Eliminator - AM-860's real-time feedback eliminator processor was designed to provide state-of-the-art feedback elimination processing, while maintaining a simple control interface. You just select one of the 3 room sizes and it will automatically filter out howling feedback noise from the speakers. This is a necessary function for any event space that is looking for a professional sound environment or any KJ who are looking to prolong your speakers' life.
  • Vocal Eliminator - AM-860 has a powerful vocal eliminator processor that can take out up to 90% of vocals from any regular audio CD. The AM-860's DSP utilizes one of the most powerful vocal elimination algorithm which removes more vocal with less impact on the background instruments. You can easily turn any regular CD into a karaoke track and begin your karaoke performance. 
  • Music Volume Auto Leveling - When you play audio tracks, some songs are louder than others even though the volume of your system remains the same. When you turn on the "Music Volume Auto Leveling" function, the AM-860 Amplifier will automatically adjust your music to one of the six preset volume level. If your music level is too low, the AM-860 will boost the audio signal, and if the music is too loud, it will decrease the music volume back to your pre-set volume level. This function will eliminate lots unnecessary adjustment for KJs. 
  • Digital Effect Processor - The AM-860 has a powerful built-in Reverb and Echo Effects that can dramatically increase the quality of your performance. A "reverb" is created when a sound is produced in an enclosed space causing a large number of echoes to build up and then slowly decay. Reverb is most noticeable when the sound source stops but the reflections continue, decreasing in amplitude, until they can no longer be heard. The AM-860 enables you to adjust the reverb time, reverb level, echo repeat and echo delay to optimize your sound effects. 
  • 3-Band Music and 5-Band Microphone Equalizer (EQ) - The AM-860 has two independent band equalizers for music and microphone volume. Using a powerful Equalizer , it can compensate for your music or singer's shortcomings or when you would like to add more treble or bass to your performance. For music, the 3 band frequencies are available. For the microphone, 5 frequency bands are available. You can fine tune each frequency to your desired level. 
  • Microphone Noise Gate - This powerful auto-mute function enables your mixer to automatically turn off the microphone when it is not in-use. The powerful noise gate function allows a microphone signal to pass through only when it is above the preset threshold value from 1 to 40. The mixer utilizes an advanced fading technique to cut in and out of sound so you will not hear your microphone abruptly cut off once it has fallen below the threshold or hear a loud click when the noise gate re-opens from mute. 
  • 5 Microphone Inputs - The am-860 has 3 microphone inputs in the front and 2  inputs from the rear.  The rear inputs also enable you to connect to most wireless microphone units while reducing the messy cables going from the front. 
  • S/PDIF Digital Input - AM-860 has a coaxial input to carry digital audio signals from your player to the mixer. Using the S/PDIF connector, you can send the purest audio signal to the mixer without any RF interference noise. 
  • Auto-Source Detection - The AM-860 has a built-in auto-source selection function that enables the mixer to automatically play music and video from one of the 3 available inputs.  When the music stops, it will automatically switch to the background A/V source (BGM) if audio signals are detected in the BGM input. The AM-860 will switch to another source input if audio signals are detected and you stop the BGM. This useful function will keep your entertainment alive even when the performance ends and the DJ is changing the disc for the next singer.
  • RS-232 Serial Port PC Interface - AM-860 has a serial port for PC connections. You can control all functions of the AM-860 Mixing Amplifier using either 1) pre-bundled Windows software or 2) serial commands. This powerful feature makes the AM-860 a perfect PC karaoke companion. 
  • User Lock-Down Mode - The mixer has built-in 'user lock' feature that can prevent most you from changing any AM-860s setting. You can also define the maximum allowed volume for the music or microphone to prevent you from blowing out speakers. The AM-860 is designed to be used in public places including bars or karaoke rooms. This useful function will help you preserve the best audio fidelity in all occasions. 
  • Subwoofer Signal Control - The AM-860 has 3 powerful subwoofer settings to fine tune your subwoofer in a 2-way or 3-way speaker. You can adjust 1) Subwoofer Volume 2) Subwoofer LPF: the Low-Pass-Filter range from 40 to 150Hz enables you to decide how much of the low frequency signal should be coming from the subwoofer 3) Subwoofer Volume Reducer: this function helps you reduce subwoofer volume when you are singing. This low frequency adjustment comes handy when a singer has low vocal range. The AM-860 will automatically reduce the subwoofer volume to let the singer's voice comes out loud enough to be heard. 
  • Music and Microphone Balance - this powerful feature is designed for you to compensate for your irregular room configuration or when your speakers are not placed symmetrically from the audiences. Using this function, you can easily adjust both the music level and echo delay for each speaker to compensate for speakers that are further away from audiences. 
  • 5 Preset Memory Recall Buttons - You can save all of your optimal setting to one of the 5 preset memory buttons. Audio effects such as echo, reverb, music volume, and microphone volume can be recalled by either pressing the button on the remote control or on the front panel. Once you have tuned and saved the your favorite settings, you will never need to adjust the mixer again.
  • Suppresses feedback Noise from Speakers
  • Enhances Music for Superior Sonic Quality
  • Brings Vocal Volume to Optimal Levels
  • Eliminates Vocals from Standard Audio Tracks Up to 70%
  • Individual 5 Band Equalizer Adjustments for Mix. And Music
  • Vocal Reverb, Echo Repeat & Echo Delay Adjustments
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Acesonic warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Warranty Repairs is 888-976-7464

Warranty Returns are strictly for repairs and not refunds, exchanges, upgrades. Any unit under warranty that is deemed non-repairable will be replaced with a new unit of the same model.