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The Crane Standard is fully adjustable and can be used with many different DJ devices such as CDJ's, keyboards, MIDI devices, projectors and laptops. Constructed from high-grade aluminum, the Crane Standard folds to approximately 1" thick, making it lightweight and portable for traveling. With no assembly or loose parts to misplace, the Crane Stand is a useful tool for the performer on the go.

Crane Hardware introduces Crane Standard almost the same perfect design of the Crane Stand Pro at half the price. The Crane Standard features steel construction.

Crane Standard Includes:
- Carry Bag
- SubTray
- 1 Year Warranty

Key Difference From Crane Stand Pro:
Rugged steal construction. Slightly heavier than CS Pro, but extremely durable.
No adjustable angles. The Crane Stand Pro can be adjust to any angle. The Crane Stand Standard just has an "open" and "closed" setting allowing you to set it up with minimal fuss and maximum stability every time.

No Loose Parts
#1 in Stability
Highest Level of Quality
Heavy Duty
Flat and Easy to Set Up

The Crane Laptop Stand's adjustable 3-legged design allows you to slide it under any DJ mixer, turntable or CDJ, giving you perfect placement of your laptop in any dj booth, without sacrificing sturdiness of the stand. Weighing only 2.8 pounds, the Crane Stand's space-age design is capable of supporting the weight of not only the heaviest laptop, but also the largest CDJ or midi controller. Similarly capable stands cost over $300 and are not portable at all because they are made for club installations instead of music gigging DJs.

The Crane Laptop Stand is the first to give the DJ and performer what he needs, at a price that he can afford. Deceptively simple at first glance, the Crane Stand is truly a marvel of design that gives you industrial strength effectiveness while being sexy enough to display at the museum of modern art. The Crane Stand keeps you looking good behind the decks, unlike other cheap, flimsy, industrial-looking portable stands.

The CRANE crew is a collective of DJs, designers, musicians and innovators whose main objective is to offer a premium quality mobile laptop holder with a user-friendly, adjustable design.

We make our stand right here in Seattle, WA, utilizing sustainable manufacturing practices and all Pacific Northwest companies for our product, from construction to shipping to feedback from the many local DJs who have adopted the CRANE Stand as part of your music performance.

The story of The Crane Stand began on a bar napkin in the SoDo district of Seattle, when in March of 2007 Garett Fitzpatrick and Rob Noble were chatting over a beer about the lack of quality adjustable laptop stands on the market. Soon the napkin was filled with sketches of ideas for a foldable laptop stand that would withstand the wear and tear of the mobile and club dj. A phone call was made to another friend and associate Morgan Featherston, a master welder and craftsman. Together the three began working on mockups of what was to become your version of the dj laptop stand.

The very first Crane Stand was crafted of powder-coated steel with the help of aeronautical engineer and designer Brandon Wilke. The mobile laptop stand was first released at Decibel Festival (An International Electronic Music Festival) in 2008 in Seattle and received an overwhelmingly positive response from the music community. Soon thereafter, hands were shook securing a deal with a large-scale distributor, and it wasn't long until the Crane Stand was in full scale production.

After considering constructive feedback from the electronic music community of the area, The Crane Stand V.2 was released at Decibel Festival 2009. A marked improvement, the svelte, lightweight aluminum Crane DJ Laptop Stand V.2 can slide under a mixer, adjust to infinite positions and has no loose pieces to misplace. Manufactured by master craftsmen using the highest quality materials in your facility in nearby Everett, WA, The Crane Stand is now the most well-built and versatile portable notebook stand on the market.

Most bar napkin dreams never leave the table, but the Crane Crew made theirs happen and are continuing forward. Numerous product developments are in the pipeline, including a line of accessories, and constant refinement of the original stand for laptops is always underway.

Most importantly, Crane continues to offer the highest quality adjustable laptop stand on the market, utilizing superior craftsmanship and sustainable business practices while maintaining a profound commitment to customer service.

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Crane Hardware warrants its products to be free from defects forever.

Crane Hardware: 866-581-4522