Serato Performance Series Control Vinyl Now In Stock!

Serato Scratch Live Performance Series Control Vinyl

Serato Performance Series 12 inch Control Vinyl pressings for Scratch Live DJs using Serato’s NoiseMap Control Tone is happy to announce that we are now stocking the world’s most popular vinyl records for Serato Scratch Live, the Serato Performance Series Control Vinyl.  There’s no more need to bother buying the cheap vinyl records made by Rane, you can now get your hands on the premium vinyl records designed & manufactured by Serato direct.

The founders of Serato set out to create a control record to give professional DJ’s superior control. Standard timecode records just didn’t feel enough like vinyl to make the cut, so after months of mathematical investigation, they created a maximal-length, psuedo random bit sequence using a linear feedback shift register. Or, in English, the Serato NoiseMap, which is a unique control tone designed for digital DJ’s that offers unparalleled sensitivity and the tightest, most authentic vinyl feel. This new line of Serato Performance Series vinyl features a re-mastered Serato NoiseMap Control Tone that is 6db louder than existing pressings, allowing for precise tracking, better vinyl wear and the most authentic feeling digital vinyl experience on the market.

All of the Performance Series pressings from are packaged as a pair, and as always, we guarantee the lowest price on planet Earth.


6dB higher output for better tracking
Refined pressing process for higher quality and durability

Get yours while we have them!
Serato Performance Series (Pair) Control Vinyl (Black)
Serato Performance Series (Pair) Control Vinyl (Glow in the Dark)