The IsoWedge and IsoPlane are monitor isolation pads designed to decouple the sound from the loudspeaker so that it will not resonate with the desk or shelf. This helps reduce an effect called comb-filtering that occurs when various frequencies add or cancel with each other when coupled.

The IsoWedge is angled while the IsoPlane is flat. This allows the user to select between either platform shapes to optimize the studio setup. The IsoPlane can also be used to decouple turntables and other devices that can be adversely affected by sound resonating through the floor and furniture.

Sold in sets of four units, the IsoWedge and IsoPlane are designed to be used in pairs and spaced under the monitor as a means to distribute the weight. The cost effective design makes them ideal for home studio use and other applications where vibrations are an issue and decoupling is required.

Primafoam components combine exceptional performance with great looking and easy to install acoustic foam.

The Primacoustic IsoPlane Multi-Purpose Foam Isolation Kit are a set of 4 pads that accomodate a pair of monitor speakers, turntables, CD decks or any other pair of devices that require isolation from vibrations, acoustic energy, etc. Each piece measures 12.8 x 4 x 1.5" and are placed under the device that you want to acoustically isolate or provide vibration protection for.

Multi purpose isolation kit for use with monitor speakers, turntables, CD player/burners, etc.

Each kit contains 4 pieces of high-density low compression foam to accomodate a pair of devices.

  • Eliminates resonance from loudspeakers to shelf
  • Made from high density open cell acoustic foam
  • Down-fire angle to optimize monitor placement
  • Cost effective solution for home studio recording
  • All Primacoustic foam products are embedded with a fire retardant
  • Eliminates low frequency coupling, that provides for more accurate mixes
  • Install instantly and allow vertical or horizontal monitor placement