NEW Numark CDMIX Bluetooth Wireless Dual CD/MP3 Player

Numark CDMIX Bluetooth Dual CD/MP3 Player with Wireless Capability

Numark’s CDMix Series DJ CD players have been an industry standard for more than 10 years now, and the Numark CDMix Bluetooth tops off the legacy, giving you a dedicated channel to mix tracks from any Bluetooth enabled phone so you can drop any track, anytime, and be ready for anything!

Numark CDMix Bluetooth works with with iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, laptop, and any other device that has built-in Bluetooth. Its 3-channel DJ mixer has built-in Bluetooth transport controls, so you can easily incorporate songs wirelessly. Numark CDMix Bluetooth also has an integrated rubberized pad at its center, a perfect spot to rest your phone or music player when you stream music wirelessly.

Numark CDMix Bluetooth features Numark’s exclusive Anti-Shock buffered CD skip-protection technology, so you get seamless, reliable performance in any environment; The last thing you need when you’re mixing music is a CD player that’s unstable. Numark CDMix Bluetooth has a solid steel chassis for rugged, reliability and is ready for pro DJ’s to use anywhere. Numark CDMix Bluetooth is also rack-mountable, so you can secure it in any rack or case for transport or fixed installation. Numark CDMix Bluetooth automatically detects BPM and also features a Tap Tempo control for manual beat matching.

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