How do the Milanese stay so skinny eating all that pasta? Is it the Mediterranean climate? Their industrious cigarette smoking? A secret papal blessing? No, silly, it’s their integration of lightweight class-D amplifiers in their power sections! Just look at the Turbosound Milan M15 active loudspeaker for proof (pricing and availability TBA).

The M15 is a 1×15 two-way enclosure powered by a 450 class-D amplifier — a ton of power, especially when you consider that fact that this box that only weighs 49 lbs. Internal DSP protects the drivers from peak damage. The Milan M15 covers a frequency spectrum of 36Hz – 17kHz ±3dB, and the finely-tuned housing provides 90°h x 60°v dispersion coverage. The cleverly designed housing makes the M15 suitable for FOH applications ro as a stage wedge monitor.

As is de rigeur for active loudspeakers the M15 features an integrated two-channel mixer for a complete, standalone PA. The input section sports XLR and instrument jacks, and a mix-out jack allows for daisy-chaining of multiple M15s.

For almost three decades, Turbosound has enabled the passion, energy and emotion in live music to be enjoyed by vast numbers of people around the world. Now get yourself some of that in-your-face Turbosound attitude in a great sounding portable, durable and stylishly attractive go-anywhere powered loudspeaker that will raise your live sound to a new level:

450 watt Class D amplifier

Milan delivers a whopping 450 watts of super-clean power and the most output from a lightweight package. Cutting edge digital electronics offers higher efficiency so there’s no need for bulky heatsinks and allows precise shaping of the loudspeaker’s frequency response depending on how loud it is, thereby optimizing the sound quality at all levels

Integrated two-channel mixer with mic and line inputs

Easily balances all your audio sources for the perfect mix every time. The lockable jack/XLR inputs will accept instruments, microphones and mp3 players so you won’t even need a separate mixer for most gigs

Internal DSP with frequency-dependent limiting

Delivers maximum audio quality and protects the drive units from accidental damage. The sophisticated limiters act quickly and transparently to make sure that Milan operates well within its safe limits

Mix-out function allows daisy-chaining of Milan loudspeakers

Milan provides the versatility to easily expand your system. Simply connect from the mix-out to one of the inputs on the next Milan loudspeaker and you have an extra mic or line input to add to the mix

Converging Eliptical Waveguide

Helps to distribute your sound more evenly over a wider listening area so you need fewer loudspeakers to cover your audience effectively. Its shallow profile allows both the drive units to be aligned so that the highs and lows are perfectly in sync with each other. The result is better sound to a wider audience

Symmetrical trapezoidal shape with 43° wedge angle

Milan is a main PA loudspeaker or floor monitor all in one box. We’ve created exactly the right wedge angle – derived from the world’s most popular concert stage wedge, the TFM-450 – so strap on that LP, get a boot up on the wedge and strike a pose

Milan M15 Tech Specs

– 1 x 15″ LF driver, 1 x 1″ HF compression driver

– 125dB continuous, 131dB peak max SPL

– 36Hz – 17kHz ±3dB, 23Hz – 22kHz ±10dB

– 90°h x 60°v dispersion @ -10dB points

– 720mmH x 470mmW x 400mmD

– Net weight 22kgs (48.4lbs)

Click here to download the Milan M15 Brochure