Magma Switchbox V2 for Rane Serato and Traktor Pro



With the MAGMA SWITCHBOX Digital-DJ, two digital DJ-Systems like Serato and Final Scratch can be plugged simultaneously to a mixer (also Battle-Mixers with only 2 x Phono/Line inputs) and can be combined with a usual DJ setup. That means that it is possible to constantly switch between the signal of the turntable (THRU), the CD-player (THRU) or two digital DJ setups (A or B) with two Phono/Line inputs of the mixer.

It is the MAGMA SWITCHBOX’s main advantage that both, two turntables (Phono) and CD-Player (Line) don’t have to be rewired with the mixer and the Interface/Scratch-Amp anymore, when there is an additional Serato or Final Scratch System added to the setup. With this method a break for a bridge over for switching cables can be omitted, because the Interface/Scratch-Amp of the digital system just has to be connected to the SWITCHBOX, using Chinch (RCA )-cables, while the audio- signals of Phono/CD are still available and can be played with the digital DJ-System of the mixer that has already been installed.

Thus, the MAGMA SWITCHBOX enables the so-called "Ping-Pong Style" at which 2 or more DJs are alternating after each song. So if there are 2 DJs performing with each of their laptops (e.g.: DJ A: Traktorl Scratch und DJ B: Serato), the turntables can easily be routed towards the desired audio source.

Furthermore the Mode 1 and Mode 2 switches allow that both digital systems can be controlled with Timecode Vinyls (Mode 1) as well as with Timecode CDs (Mode 2)!


– Designed by Skullyleo
– Developed for DJs that work with digital DJ-Systems like Serato, Final / Traktor Scratch, Mixvibes etc.
– Problem-Free connection of two digital DJ-Systems/Laptops to a usual DJ-Set
– Each turntable can be connected independently to either the mixer (regular Phono or CD) or to one of the two DJ Systems. Meaning 4 different signals (Laptop A, Laptop B, Phono and CD) can be assigned and played on each of both mixer channels.
– Both digital systems can be controlled with Timecode Vinyl (Mode 1) as well as with Timecode CDs (Mode 2)!
– No buzzing because of star-shaped ground arrangement
– Furthermore, buzzing, (that results from ground loops like they occur when several Interfaces are used in a row), is avoided, because the SWITCHBOX assures a star-shaped ground.
– Less disturbances while playing regular vinyl, because the Interface is not part of the direction of signal