Monkey Banana Studio Monitors in Stock Direct From Germany is the first store in North America to have Monkey Banana studio monitors!

Monkey Banana is the direct result of an uncompromising passion for sound. Being musicians and engineers with high expectations, the search for an ideal studio monitor proved difficult. Frustrated with the poor performance or high price of the speakers available, the team behind Monkey Banana set out to develop a no compromise high performance studio monitor that wouldn’t break the bank. Using high tech components and innovative design ideas, Monkey Banana was able to create a monitor that combines the traits of an ideal studio monitor: Honest and analytical sound that is equally inspiring and enjoyable to listen to. Hi resolution digital and analog inputs, silk dome tweeter, carbon/ceramic composite woofer, rare earth neodymium magnets, high performance amplifiers, magnetically shielded enclosure and more, all at a price that anyone can afford.

The Monkey Banana Turbo Series Studio Monitor Speakers are not only ridiculously stylish in appearance, but they also contain serious engineering to achieve the absolute-best acoustic performance. The Bass-reflex acoustic design of Monkey Banana Speakers combines maximum efficiency and optimal bass extension while the medium-density fiberboard construction ensures proper damping of vibrations from the drivers. All of this is done behind a sophisticated industrial design that incorporates modern & minimalist fashion elements. In order to achieve this perfect combination of sound quality and appearance, the Monkey Banana Turbo Series enclosures were designed as a non-regular hexagon instead of the typical rectangle shape of the boring & bland studio monitors you’re used to seeing. After careful calculation and experiment Monkey Banana found that the non-regular hexagonal structure is most effective in minimizing standing waves inside the enclosure. Standing waves create audible distortion that can compromise the overall sound quality of the speaker. Monkey Banana chose high-density fiberboard (MDF) for the enclosure to not only damp out unwanted resonances, but to ensure a solid and inert structure to mount the drivers to. All internal surfaces are lined with blended wool to further dampen the structure of the speaker cabinet.

The beautiful logo lens on the front of the speaker focuses the LED light to clearly project the pride of the brand, yet subtly understating the craftsmanship behind it. This refined approach reflects the quality of the product from the first time you see it.

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