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Boombitix Boombot Speakers come in two versions; the Boombot1 is wired, and the Boombot2 is totally wireless. The Boombotix Boombot speaker fuses Japanese urban design with mobile audio in a truly portable package. The Boombot2 wirelessly connects via Bluetooth, is rechargeable, loud as &@*%, and durable enough to withstand the abuse of your lifestyle, guaranteed.The Boombot2 allows audio fanatics to enjoy their tunes on the go in a package that sounds as amazing as it looks. The Boombot1 or BB1 is an entry level portable speaker model, but don’t let that fool you! Expect some serious BOOM for the buck. Rock out to your favorite tunes with this BoomBotix BB2 speaker that is designed for use with your Apple iPod, mobile phone, laptop or tablet and features a 50mm 3W driver for powerful sound. The ruggedized, water-resistant design offers durability.

Boombotix speakers can be clipped on, carried, toted, and dangled for all sorts of extreme audio experiences. These portable speakers are mini, which means they are small enough to allow you to enjoy the freedom of placing high fidelity audio wherever you want. Our portable speakers are tough and durable enough that there is no worry of dropping and destroying them. These clip-on portable speakers find their way onto a pocket, belt, backpacks, purses, and bike or messenger bags. These Bluetooth speakers connect to all mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, laptops, and MP3 players without the need for pesky wires. Let us deliver the technology while you enjoy the pure fun of using your Boombot any way and anywhere you want.

Boombots offer more than just a great portable speaker — they are a total mobile audio system. When you connect to a Boombot portable speaker via Bluetooth, our patented SoundHub technology flips the 1/8" audio jack from an input to an output. Simply connect any speaker or stereo system to it, and enjoy streaming stereo audio from your portable speaker. SoundHub allows you to enjoy the luxury of high fidelity wireless freedom on just about any home stereo, boombox, speaker, or entertainment system.


  • BoomBotix Speaker for Apple iPod and Most MP3 Players
  • 3′ 1/8" auxiliary and mini USB cables
  • Owner’s manual

Conceived by combining a Japanese vinyl toy, off-the-shelf speaker internals, and a walkie-talkie clip, the Boombot was originally developed for urban cycling, mainly as an alternative to headphones. The founders quickly realized that this product integrated perfectly into their transient surf-skate-snow lifestyles. With a focus on great sound, ultraportability, and design, Boombotix speakers began turning heads on the streets of San Francisco and the local slopes of Lake Tahoe. After seeding the first batch to friends at action sport and bike shops across California, the early adopters embraced the brand and began to explore new ways to enjoy music while in motion. The first Boombot prototype was built with an integrated clip, rechargeable battery, and ruggedized shell, with exceptional sound for its size. This original DNA is still prevalent in all Boombotix speakers today, as the design team continues to pioneer the ultraportable speaker segment. All Boombotix products are rooted around this ultraportable design, built to be seamlessly integrated into the user’s lifestyle while withstanding any outdoor environment. With custom tuned audio by professional engineers, Boombotix owners are free to enjoy great sound wherever they go, and focus on what is truly important to them. Today, the Boombotix vision is true to its original roots: create a matrix of integrated hardware and software product to deliver the richest mobile audio experience.