Wondering how to get your Innofader into that tiny slot in your MIDI controller or mixer? The Innobender is your solution!

Many newer MIDI controllers and mixers just don’t have enough room for upgrade faders. But we’ve figured out how to work around that. Using the Innobender angle brackets, stems, and mounting hardware, you can now achieve the satisfaction of a sturdy, super buttery Innofader even in the tightest of spaces.

The Innobender currently has hardware specifically designed to allow the Innofader to fit and work in the following products:

Vestax VCI-300
Traktor Kontrol S.4
Pioneer DJM-400
Pioneer DJM-350
Stanton m.207
Mackie d.2

Since this kit already includes a standard Innofader, it is also compatible with all of the mixers that work with the original Innofader. As we continue to evaluate the Innobender in new products, we will update our online compatibility chart with this info.

The Innobender kit which includes all of the adapter parts plus a standard Innofader. We are also currently evaluating doing an Innobender Pro kit including the Innofader Pro to fit special mixers requiring it like the Denon DN-X300 and Numark Pro SMX.

About Audio Innovate

Audio Innovate ("AI") was founded in 2005 by Elliot Marx, an audio electronics and DSP engineer with 11 years experience in designing mixers and CD players for the DJ industry. Elliot Marx is known for developing "The Beatkeeper" and providing DJs with very powerful hands-on DSP based tools.

AI’s mission is to provide the DJ with unique, practical, and rugged tools for both live performance and studio recording. With DJ’s becoming more and more like musicians in their own light, AI is constantly seeking ways to give DJs the ability to bring performance to a new level.