Is it us, or do most DJ mixers look like they’ve been designed by middle-aged failed guitarists who think all DJs are naughty 12 year-olds?? We’re a bit different. All the Xones are created by a design engineer with 20 years’ DJing experience under his belt, so they’re serious consoles for creative adults.

The ALLEN & HEATH XONE:32 lets the DJ push the boundaries of performance, with VCF filters, a tap-programmable low-frequency oscillator and DRS memories giving unprecedented control over the music (and the crowd).

3 Dual Stereo Channels Channels have RIAA [RCA] inputs and [TRS] stereo line level inputs, with powerful 3 band EQ. All channels have 3 colour bar meter and gain control, EQ on switch and 60mm fader.

Mic Channel XLR input with gain control and 2 band EQ, including HPF. Located on front. Routes direct to mix outputs.

Stereo Mix Outputs Balanced mix outputs on TRS with level control, plus secondary RCA pre-fade outputs for recording. The mix signal is displayed on 12 segment 3 colour peak reading bar meters.

Auxiliary Send All channels have a post fade stereo auxiliary send, so a program feed to a zone is possible. The outputs are [TRS] jacks.

3 Band EQ Powerful 3 band EQ with ‘asymmetric’ characteristic; +6dB boost to preserve headroom and -26dB cut for creative mixing.

VCA Cross Fader High quality dual-rail gold-contact 45mm fader with contour control, reverse switch and led, plus bypass switch with led. CH1 is routed to X, CH3 is routed to Y, CH2 does not route through the x-fader.

Transmute Buttons A unique function which combines ‘transform’ and ‘punch’ DJ effects for intelligent and creative live performance. Works in conjunction with x-fader using X & Y buttons.

VCF filters with DRS Presets Choice of High Pass, Band Pass, Low Pass or multiples e.g. notch. Resonance – adjusts Q from ‘mild to wild’. VCF slider. DRSTM Presets controls filter from 100Hz to 20kHz. Channels have individual VCF on buttons with blue led. VCF can also be modulated
by a low frequency oscillator with performance controls. DRSTM presets allow store and recall of 4 VCF performance settings including Channel on, VCF type, LFO on and LFO X2.

LFO with Tap Tempo Low Frequency Oscillator. Modulates VCF. Tap Tempo button allows the speed of the LFO to be set to the track. X2 switch doubles the speed. On switch activates the LFO and allows VCF slider to control depth.

Engineer / DJ’s Toolbox High powered headphone output with level. Booth output on [TRS] with level. 12 segment 3 colour bar metering displays mix. Channels have 4 segment 3 colour bar meter. Channel cue / main mix fader adjusts headphone monitor to suit. Cue switches are interlocked / auto cancel.

PSU High performance internal switched-mode power supply. Universal mains input voltage.